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JANUARY 17, 2014

As with Halfpipe, Big Air is a judged event. Individual riders approach a single jump high of 40 m and long of 110 m (also called a ‘Kicker’), perform tricks in the air, and land on a slope of around 30 degrees. Judges award points based on overall impression which will include style, degree of risk and of course a clean landing! For photo opportunities and a big crowd atmosphere, the Big Air event is without peer. The ‘Wow factor’ is huge, but it is far more difficult for the spectators to be able to tell who will win than it is with the race-based disciplines.

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Red Bull Crashed Ice

Quebec City, hosts the 2014 finale on March 20-22.

Quebec City - a Red Bull Crashed Ice institution and the so-called Mecca of ice cross downhill having hosted an event in each of the past eight years - promises to deliver another incredible race.

The longest track of the year, a 600-metre-long course fit for the final, will stage all the action as the ice cross downhill riders race four-at-a-time all the way down to the finish, with the same venue also hosting the final of the Ice Cross Downhill Team Competition.